Christmas Gift Ideas That Make People Richer By saving them money all year!

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Christmas Gift Ideas That Make People Richer By saving them money all year!

This post is inspired by my 23 year old daughter’s 2013 Christmas list that included a Costco membership and a Lifeproof cell phone case.  Getting a Christmas list like this makes for one very proud “mommy moment” because it tells me I raised a financially smart kid.

Tip: Ask for a Christmas list that includes categories in the following areas: what you need, what you want and what would further your education or help you earn more money.


Here are a few 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas that will make people richer by saving them money all year.

For the Cell Phone Lover – Waterproof Cell Phone Case $80

This Lifeproff iPhone 5S case is at the top of my daughter’s money saving gift list this holiday season. (I’ve already ordered it for her since she just got a new phone and opted out of the $200 insurance with Verizon)  I painfully know (and you might too) that a shattered smart phone screen can run $100 to repair and water damage can render your phone useless costing $300 or more to replace it out of contract.  So this is a smart money saving choice for anyone who owns a cell phone because it’s drop proof, waterproof and screen protected.


For the Car Enthusiast  – Car Duster  $13

A California Car Duster @ $12.39 reduces the number times you have to spend money washing your car – it’s super easy to use, takes less than one minute and saves on average $15-$30 each time you use it .


For the Cook/Busy Mom – Slow cooker $50

The average family easily spends $2,500 or more each year eating out – help them cut that bill in half with an easy to use slow-cookerTip: To beef it up (pun intended) toss in some slow-cooker liners to reduce clean up time and a cookbook with your favorite recipe tabbed.


For the Fitness Buff – Britta Water Filter $25

The average American family spends $615 a year on bottled water; you can help eliminate this entire expense.


For the Decorator – Energy Efficient Light Bulbs $10- $20

Using energy efficient lighting can save families an average of about $200 per year in electricity.  Costco has fantastic prices on multi packs.


For the Techie or Video Gamer – Rechargeable Batteries $20

Rechargeable batteries are a great way to help save families especially with teens lots money all year.


For the Shopper – Big Box Store Membership 

A Costco $55 membership can easily save a household $600 per year by buying in bulk.


For the Reader – Financial Book  $15

A financial book like Money Starts Here!  Your Practical Guide to Survive and Thrive In Any Economy  @ $14.95 can help save thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on bank accounts, credit cards, loans and everyday items.


For the Driver – AAA – Annual Membership $48

Members can easily save well over $100 a year on everything from travel, dining, shopping and more.  Bonus:  They will have peace of mind knowing they have someone to call if they get stranded on the road.


For the Saver – Coin Sorter $8

Make saving and organizing all that loose pocket change easier.


For the Spender – Coupon Book  $20

You can quickly and easily save on dining out, going to the movies, travel, shopping online and more by using a coupon book like the Entertainment coupon book.  It saves the average user $125 per year and only costs $20.


For the Fashionista – At Home Dry Cleaning Kit $20

One box of Woolite Dry Cleaning sheets will cut your dry cleaning bill by $200 bucks!!!


Do you have any money saving gift ideas?  If you do, please share them with us!

Enjoy the savings!

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