Legally Seized and Unclaimed Property at Deep Discounts

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Have you ever wondered what happens to lost and found at parks or property seized from criminals?

If you would rather watch than read click here.

All these items end up in auctions held by various states, local law enforcement agencies, airlines and storage services.  Many of these agencies or departments have websites or partner with sites that run auctions daily.


Most of these auctions sites have bids starting as low as $1.00 and if interest is low on a particular item, you could walk off with a high-end item at a ridiculously low price.  Most of these sites offer free memberships or trial period memberships.  By doing a little research, you will discover a treasure trove of sites offering great items at little to no cost.


I stumbled upon some great auction sites that offer a wide range of merchandise, properties and bulk auctions that are worth checking out.  Again, you must be a registered member in order to bid on items from these sites.  This site offers items from police departments who are unable to return items to their rightful owners.  Many are unique items from police and sheriff departments across the U.S.  They have items from many public agencies such as schools and office buildings.  Office furniture, school supplies and sporting goods to name a few. This site is a full service private auction company that contracts, sells and conducts internet auctions.  They acquire their merchandise from various agencies such as business liquidations and estates.  Their auctions include jewelry, fine art, oriental and persian rugs and collectibles such as vintage items.


Are you in the market for an antique Coca Cola Santa?  This site offers items either seized or abandoned and their inventory is quite extensive.   How about a 1969 Jaguar for $100? This site offers a free trial period and I’m not sure what full membership costs.  They offer everything from find jewelry to cars, computers and foreclosures.  Many items are either seized, surplus or abandoned.


Tip: Before bidding on any items, you might want to check places like to see what items are going for.  Never get carried away in auctions, you could end out paying more than an item is worth.


Warning: Remember to factor in shipping charges.  If you win an item, you will have to pay for shipping, so if you are bidding on a large, possibly heavy item you might have a rather hefty shipping charge.


Shop around, you might just be the luckiest person on your block!

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