Avoiding Bank Fees and Identity Theft

ID Theft – Think it Can’t Happen to You?

ID theft only happens to other people, right?

WRONG! Identity theft can happen to anyone – anywhere. In fact, the odds of you personally being a victim are estimated at about 18 to 1. Meaning that out of every 20 people you pass on the street today, at least one of them will have their identity stolen.

Thieves are out there lurking around every corner… quietly waiting to steal your identity, wiping out your bank account and maxing out your credit cards in the process. Some even use your identity for establishing their life here in the United States.

Just take this one case – in 2009 28-year-old Albert Gonzalez and his 2 Russian accomplices were charged with stealing more than 130 million credit and debit card numbers in the USA alone.

As those numbers were re-sold to greedy thieves, people found themselves on the losing end of unauthorized charges, cash withdrawals – and persistent calls from collection agencies demanding payment for bills the hapless victim never knew existed.

ID Theft More Than Just A Nuisance

Many times it’s not just “simple” theft. ID thieves apply for home loans in your name, or work under your name using your social security number. Even if they’re not intending to rip you off, the consequences can be dire. If they default on the loans, those black marks appear on your credit history. (Good luck trying to clear your name and clean your records!)

Crooks can use your ID when caught, leaving you with a criminal record or active arrest warrant if they skip town.

Stop ID Theft BEFORE It Happens

Once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s going to be a nightmare correcting the injuries being done in your name. The best solution is to be proactive – preventing ID theft before it happens, or catching it as soon as it starts.

I can walk you through the steps you absolutely must take in order to secure your financial identity – and your reputation.

  • What reports you can get for FREE, revealing an identity theft problem in the making.
  • The precise steps you MUST take the moment you suspect ID fraud – Delay can be disastrous!
  • How to STOP ID theft from happening to you in the first place.
  • Credit Protection Services – Are they really any good? Should you be signing up?
  • Overlooked Minefields – The common, everyday activities almost every one of us engage in that can (and do!) give ID thieves the very keys to your financial life.
  • January and February – Why these particular months are HUGE for ID theft.

You’ll have the tools you need for protecting yourself against this exploding problem.

Bank Fees

Banks aren’t charitable organizations – they’re in business to make a profit. Generating interest on loans is actually only one small part of their income stream. When it comes to pumping up fees and penalties, banks are masters of their craft.

Ever feel you’re being nickel and dimed to death?  Well, you are! There’s a hefty list of outrageous bank fees that can and should be avoided – you only have to know how.

Banks thrive on “fee income” and don’t want you to be an educated consumer. Learn from someone who’s worked on the “inside” for 25 years, and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket.

Here are just a few of the more common banking ploys…

  • Monthly Service Charges – these additional amounts can & will eat your budget alive!
  • Hidden Fees – Almost any transaction on your account is up for grabs when it comes to hidden charges and “convenience” fees. I spell out which ones you have to look out for.  (And how you can avoid them!)
  • Overdraft Fees – Even if you overdraft your account by only a couple of cents, the bank will gladly charge you $25, $35 – or more – for that “privilege.” Find out how to stop this from happening to you!
  • Debit Cards – You know that little card in your wallet, the one that magically produces cash when you insert it into an ATM? Well it could be costing you a small fortune, eventually blindsiding you if you don’t know how to answer this 1 critical question!

These are just a few of the many ways banks are out to drain your account, squeezing the last possible drops of profit they can from their unsuspecting customers.

Denise is going to uncover them all, plus she’ll be exposing the sneaky tricks banks use for keeping you in their system.

Properly Using Bank Products Can Save You Tons Of Money…

Did you know banks have sophisticated data mining systems, secretly scanning your bank account activity and assigning you a “profitability” score? It’s all for one reason – to “up-sell” you additional (& costly) banking products.

Banks also push you to have at least 5 products with them. Why? It’s a psychological ploy, called a cross sell ratio.

If you do have an issue with one product, you won’t just up and leave and take your business somewhere else – because it’s too much of a hassle transferring all your other accounts as well.

Take Action Now!

Are you ready to start protecting your valuable financial life and your bank balances?

Then contact me right now. After all, it’s your money at stake!