A Banker’s Secrets to Understanding And Managing Your Personal Credit Score

You hear about it constantly on the news and in commercials. It’s your credit score. But here’s what most of us don’t know…and why we should care.

  • What exactly is a credit score?
  • What’s the difference is between your score and your report?
  • Who determines it?
  • How is it calculated?
  • Who uses it – and how is it used?

And even more importantly…

  • How can you easily & effectively manage your own personal scorefor free – getting the highest rating and lowest interest rates possible?

Yes, credit scores are confusing – but not anymore! What you don’t know can be costing you PLENTY!

Join me in a fact filled, fun and entertaining workshop brimming over with her banker’s insight on playing the credit game to win!

I guarantee that after leaving her workshop, you’ll have the precise tools and the specific knowledge needed for properly and effectively managing your own credit score.

Why is this important? Simply because of this: The numbers and information in your personal score can either save you or cost you literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

  • Influencing whether you’ll be able to get a loan, and if so, what interest you’ll pay.
  • Impacting seemingly unrelated areas of your life, from your ability to rent an apartment to how much you pay for car insurance, and even
  • If you get a job or not.

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