Building a Budget For Fun & Profit

Creating a family budget is right up there with doing taxes and going to the dentist – people generally hate it.  Ignore a tooth ache and it becomes infected. Ignore the IRS and some very big men come after you. But for whatever reason we ignore doing a budget and think everything will come out just fine.

Budgets constrain. Budgets limit. Budgets are boring.

But creating and sticking to a family budget is crucial if you want to keep out of debt and enjoy what you earn to the fullest.

When given a piece of paper and asked to build a budget, most of us will look at that blank sheet in despair – we simply don’t have a clue where to begin, so we just put it off, again and again.

That’s where I come in.

A former banking insider and present Financial Educator & Money and Time Saving Expert, I will be giving you the knowledge and the tools necessary for coming up with your own, credible, workable family budget and spending plan.

Inspiring and motivating you to take the bull by the horns, make those changes you need to make, and then finding out the entire process was not only painless, but even jaw dropping fun!

You’ll be the one in control…not someone else. In fact, it’s amazing how much better you’ll begin to feel once you sit down and finally do it!

Making Your Paycheck Last

Numbers don’t lie, but as consumers we’re constantly surrounded by a barrage of misinformation and false assurances – not only from companies but from Uncle Sam as well.

Join me as I guide you through the maze of outstretched hands trying to empty your wallet at every turn…

  • Can You Truly Afford It? Even if your bank assures you that you can, crunch the numbers yourself. By understanding the same secret formula the banks use, you’ll know precisely if the answer is yes or no.
  • Car & Housing – How much should you really be paying?
  • The Great Paycheck Illusion – Ever wonder why you can’t pay your bills even though you’re making $20 or more an hour? It’s a sleight of hand trick I reveal that’s keeping you in the dark about your TRUE income.
  • End of Month Blues – Where did all your cash go? Unlike the government that can lose trillions (!) then smile and shrug, when we come up short, there’s no one waiting with open arms to bail us out.
  • Daily Spending Habits – You’ve spent how much on what? When money is slipping through your fingers… find out where it went.
  • Spending “Under the Influence”– It’s called emotional spending. Ever walk into a store “just to browse” and walk out with some fancy “must have” item? Retail stores have these impulse buying triggers down to a science… with you as their unsuspecting lab rats.

Spending (and overspending!) is just one part of the budgeting equation.

Your goal should be to actually wind up on the plus side of the balance sheet after all is said and done…

  • How to Avoid Overspending – The surprisingly straightforward techniques that will keep you and your family from throwing money down a rat hole.
  • How to Start Saving – There’s more then one way to start building your nest egg – and Denise clues you in on doing exactly that!
  • Building an Emergency Cash Reserve – Accidents happen, and bad things happen to good people. Make sure you won’t be caught between a rock and a hard place if and when life throws you a curve ball.
  • Gifts… Vacations… Holidays… All these take money, but you shouldn’t have to go into hock just to enjoy them!
  • Know The True Value of Your Salary and Perks – Why is your insurance deductible a great deal? How about that profit sharing and 401K? Let Denise explain the hidden goldmines in YOUR paycheck.
  • So You Want a New TV, Cell Phone, Computer… Uncover how to intelligently make the financial decision right for you and your financial situation.

We all make tradeoffs in life – and when we’re at work, we’re literally trading  time for money… that paycheck we get to cash.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and make your paycheck work for you – and not the bill collectors?

Then contact me today. After all, it’s your money, your time and your future at stake!