Getting Out of Debt and Evaluating Credit Offers

Why does it seem that no matter how much you try, those credit card balances never seem to go down? Each month you write another check, and when the next bill comes along, the amount is almost the same as before, or worse yet … even larger than before!

There’s a reason for this. The cards (literally!) are stacked against you.

Banks and credit card companies WANT you in debt – the deeper the better. They actually want you addicted to their cards. The more you owe, the more they make.

And get this, they’ve already factored in the cost of some consumers going belly up – and are charging you more to make up for it!

What Banks Never Tell You About Getting Out of Debt…

Now, with my 25 years in the financial & banking industry, you’re finally going to beat the banks at their own game. Here’s what you can learn:

  • Who you should surprisingly pay first and why…
  • Top 3 debt repayment strategies…
  • Where to find hidden cash to pay down debt

I don’t talk in generalities. I’m going to give you proven concrete specific strategies for paying down your debts – and keeping them paid down!

You’re going to uncover which credit offers are worth taking a second look at, and which ones to toss directly into the garbage pail.

Understanding Credit Terms BEFORE You Say Yes…

Plus, I’m going to show you how to read between the lines and TRULY UNDERSTAND all those complicated loan documents. (They don’t call it legalese for nothing!)

You’ll be leaving the workshop with a precise, detailed checklist to follow BEFORE the next time you’re signing on the dotted line. This checklist is nothing to sneeze at – it could well be the one thing STOPPING a financial nightmare in your life… like the financial crisis the country is in today.

Variable and fixed rates, home loans, auto loans… any type of payments over time – you’re going to know how to quickly and easily read and understand… all of that banker’s gobbledygook fine print.

Practical ideas, tips and insider’s tricks are waiting for you as she shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for playing the financial game of life. Money is like sports… do you want to play the game to win, or let the banks and financial institutions take your money by default?

Are you ready to start controlling your debt and get the winning hand right now?

Then contact me today. After all, it’s your money at stake!