Raising Financially Smart Children

Understanding and using money – that’s absolutely essential in today’s economy… and is something your child will do every day of their life

But… kids today have little clue about the value of money – or effectively using it in day to day life. The reason?

They’ve simply never been taught. Not by their schools, not by their peers and unfortunately not even by their parents.  Somehow we’ve lost sight of this old fashioned but critical skills set.

This is a huge problem, because unless your children become financially capable adults, they’ll be a financial drain on both themselves and you as parents the rest of their lives.

I am out to change this with a vengeance!

Having been on my own since age 16, this banking insider, financial coach, money and time saving expert (not to mention a very proud Mom!) is going to give you as parents the crucial tools needed for raising money savvy kids, giving them a lifetime gift of financial independence and freedom.

Here’s what you as parents are going to come away with by following my no-nonsense advice:

  • Financial Organization – Start your children off on the right foot, helping them form a solid financial foundation by establishing good financial organizational habits now.
  • Getting your children involved with how much things actually cost. Not only will they begin to appreciate the true value of money, but they’ll also appreciate the responsibility involved in managing it.
  • Allowance – Self control, responsibility, goal setting, self respect, decision making… properly budgeting money is a skill every kid should learn. Discover how much money your children should have, then help them in managing their allowance in stretching each dollar to the max.
  • Banking – ATMs, Savings & Checking Accounts, Debit Cards, what every kid should and MUST know about dealing with banks.
  • Credit – Many kids think credit cards are some sort of free money program. (If you look at the way the politicians are spending it, who could blame them?)  Uncover proven ways for keeping your kid credit smart – now and in the future!
  • Car – Few things mark a right of passage in a kid’s life like learning to drive. Follow along with Denise as she explains how to make getting their first car a money learning experience.
  • Job – As parents, there are tons of things we can do for making sure  our kids will ace that 1st real interview, be the top-ranked job applicant – and experience the pride in earning their own paychecks!

All this, and loads more… because it’s never to early or late to help them in building their own financial foundation.

Helping Your Child Thrive!

Effectively managing money is the one thing that will help your kids succeed – every day of their lives.

This information-packed presentation is filled with fun ideas and activities for giving your children the fundamental skills needed for understanding, using and managing money… far better than anything else you’re going to find in the bookshops or on the web.

Find Out More Right Now…

Interested in turning your kids into money smart, financially secure adults?

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