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Financial Wellness in the Workplace is a leading edge program that addresses our nation’s ongoing financial crisis. Financially stressed employees are costing corporations millions of dollars each year. Higher health care costs, increased disability claims and lower productivity eat directly into bottom line profitability. Providing your employees with an unbiased financial education program may be the missing link to an effective wellness program.

Putting financially educated employees into our workforce not only improves the profitability of businesses, but it improves the lives of all who live, work and do business in our communities.

If you are looking to reduce costs, increase profitability and foster a healthier, happier and more productive workforce, contact us today!


The financial workshop given by Denise Winston was extremely motivational and a wake-up call. It was presented in such a way that a good time was had by all–in spite of the subject matter!
Kelly Underhill Office Manager, Bakersfield Dermatology
GREAT JOB!!! This is the second seminar that I have attended when Denise was the speaker. I took her advice and started using the information she provided and I am happy to say that I am now in a better situation. I just purchased a new home and a new car.
Financial Wellness in the Workplace Attendee

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Employees’ Financial Problems Affect Your Company

It’s a daunting task… expecting your employees to show up, be ready to work and handle company business, when all the while they’re financially stressed out and barely making ends meet.

It’s frustrating and annoying for you and your other managers, but the cold, stark truth is this: Most people in the workforce today don’t have a clue about money and personal finance. And it’s all because of one simple reason:

They’ve never been taught.

An employee’s personal life just doesn’t turn off during business hours. What’s happening in their homes and outside the company walls directly affects their job productivity – and your bottom line.

If the men and woman working for you are stressed out over money, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be carrying these worries with them no matter where they are.

Their minds won’t be on their work, and that not only impacts profitability, but costs everyone your company deals with…

  • Other employees,
  • Your customers and clients,
  • Vendors,
  • Shareholders & owners, and of course…
  • You personally.

Do you know the 10 Deadly Mistakes Employees Make With Their Finances?

Do you know the 10 Surefire Signs Your Employee’s Finances Are Heading For Disaster?

With basic financial education, your employees can be happier and more productive.

The “Financial Wellness in the Workplace” Seminar Series

Denise Winston lays out exactly what you must do now for ensuring a stress free and financially secure future…

  • How by making only slight adjustments in your spending and buying habits you can significantly reduce daily expenses and start to actually save money and reduce stress…
  • Exposing the tricks and deceptions credit card companies use for keeping “customers” hooked and in debt for not just years, but decades…
  • Digging yourself out of debt – The 3 debt elimination secrets revealed – who should you pay first and where to find extra cash to pay down those obligations…
  • Developing a realistic budget – and breaking the self-defeating cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck…
  • How to avoid being ripped off before it ever happens, by smelling a financial rat a mile away…
  • Clearing away the mystery surrounding credit scores, and explain why those numbers are important in your own life… and how to actively manage and control that number. This single 3 digit number has the ability to cost you or save you thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars over your lifetime…
  • As a former insider, Denise Winston uncovers all the dirty little secrets banks and credit companies don’t want you to know, (like those staggering bank fees for starters) and how you can beat these institutions at their own game.

Denise tailors these seminars for your convenience, with 2 great options when choosing:
1 – My Live & Energizing Presentation – talking to your employees at one central location, or…
2 – Live Presentation with Remote Distribution – The presentation is professionally filmed, and you receive a 12 month licensing right with all the media versions… DVD, CD, MP3, PDF, and Intranet streaming. This is great for larger organizations with multiple corporate locations.

Take a look at the seminar topics from Money Start Here that are available for you!

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