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Youth Speaker Denise Winston

Inspiring. Engaging. Informative.

    Denise Winston has been connecting with teens for more than two decades as a speaker, teacher and mentor. She believes that “everything happens for a reason and every experience prepares you for the future.” Despite having to live on her own since age 16 and having a mother who committed suicide, Denise found a way to use her adversity and experiences to help herself and contribute to others in a meaningful way.

    A leading financial authority, author, media personality and 25-year veteran of the banking industry, Denise is an expert on the new cable show Money Made Easy and a frequent contributor to numerous media outlets including ABC TV, FOX Business, Woman’s Day and Martha Stewart Radio. Approachable and authentic, Denise teaches how to succeed in life and how to manage money from a personal perspective that kids relate to. Students leave with actionable advice to survive some of life’s sticky situations and the often-harsh real world of finance.

    Denise’s talks are powerful and inspiring. Everyone in the audience comes away knowing they are important and that they are here to do something wonderful—something that will make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. Denise places high value on helping and being helped, and that we get more done by working together.

    Educators and students praise Denise for her ability to be a genuine role model, to demonstrate how to turn a negative into a positive, to have people laughing one minute and deeply reflecting the next, and to deliver an eye-opening message that resonates.


    Denise offers the following programs:

    • Get What You Want: Use the power of your mind to control your future and achieve your goals. Learn how to harness the power of your mind, create energy, enhance your mood, deal with negative people, set goals and achieve your wildest dreams.
    • Real-World Finance: Money—how to deal with it and avoid costly mistakes. This session is specifically designed for graduating senior high school or college students to avoid the most common money mistakes. Students leave this highly interactive and engaging session with the tools they need to survive and thrive in the often-harsh real world of finance. Read More
    • Getting a Job: Showcase your skills, get the interview, then ace it. Learn how to identify your talents, write a killer resume, get references, find potential jobs, land an interview and become a top job candidate, then give your future boss what he or she needs.
    • Life School: Seven secrets to success. Get actionable advice on dealing with some of life’s roughest moments, learn how to make things better and move forward, and use your tough experiences to shine like a diamond.
    • Leadership: Achieve your goals and impact people’s lives. Learn how to lead from the inside out, and how to use your unique talents to help yourself and others succeed and make a difference.

    Programs are scalable, can be customized and range from 45 minutes to full-day seminars.

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