Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Real World Finance. Partnering with business and major corporations helps Real World Finance reach more students every year. The gift of a financial education lasts a lifetime and puts educated consumers on our streets and into our workforce. If you are looking to foster financial independence in our next generation, this is the ticket. Contact us now.

Click here for an inside look at the 2011 Kern County Real World Finance Tour. You will see firsthand the impact this program is having on kids’ lives and what teachers are saying about the powerful sessions.

Project: Real World Finance, a financial literacy tour

Goal: Dramatically improve our nation’s financial health

Impact: Create sustainability and improve the lives of all who live, work and do business in our community

Audience: Graduating seniors, high school students

When: April of each year during *STAR testing, Financial Literacy Month and when Senioritis is at its peak

Program Content: The value of a salary and benefits, gross vs. net pay, budgeting, daily spending, organizing finances, avoiding bank fees, understanding and managing your credit score, evaluating credit offers and more

Real World Finance is a cutting-edge, fast paced 90-minute program. It’s a turnkey solution for our struggling educational system that addresses financial literacy in a whole new way. Students are provided with the financial foundation they need to succeed in life. Students leave the program with more than financial concepts—they get actual tools they can start using immediately.

Let’s face it: Financial issues plague our workforce, lowering productivity—and this impacts our community and business bottom line. Knowledge is power. By educating our future workforce, we put better-prepared employees in local businesses. By educating consumers, they can make informed buying decisions.

Denise Winston, a 25-year banker, developed Real World Finance out of necessity. As a bank manager, Winston found it very difficult to find prepared workers and educated consumers. Financially ill-prepared employees and customers were directly impacting day-to-day operations and profitability of the bank she managed. This was also true for many of her business customers at the bank. Winston’s solution? Do something about it and volunteer in the classroom. For over 10 years, Denise was in the classroom with students, developing and testing content. Each year the program grew more successful and presentation requests poured in.

It is hard to find anyone more passionate or uniquely qualified than Denise Winston to teach teens about personal finance. Denise spent 25 years dealing with mass America’s day to day financial habits and has lived on her own since age 16. Denise’s only agenda is to provide students with the best financial information they can use.

*STAR testing weeks are held each year to gauge teaching standards. Seniors are not tested. Activities directors must host events that will ensure senior students will be on campus so the school receives funding for their attendance. Every effort will be made to book talks during STAR testing days.