Corporate Testimonials

I would like to express our delight with Denise Winston for providing her financial presentation “Managing Your Credit Score” to our employees. The presentation, which was held during lunch hour, received tremendous interest from our employees, with 90+ employees attending, representing all job levels. We are currently working with Denise to have her back to speak to our employees on other pertinent topics. I would encourage you to allow Denise to help your employees maneuver through the often difficult world of financial knowledge.
Aletha Mika HR Benefits Specialist
The financial workshop given by Denise Winston was extremely motivational and a wake-up call for some of our younger employees. It was presented in such a way that a good time was had by all–in spite of the subject matter!
Kelly Underhill Office Manager, Bakersfield Dermatology
Denise is an excellent instructor who has not only the experience to speak on this subject but the enthusiasm to make it interesting.
A. Garrett
GREAT JOB!!! This is the second seminar that I have attended when Denise was the speaker. I took her advice and started using the information she provided and I am happy to say that I am now in a better situation. I just purchased a new home and a new car.
Financial Wellness in the Workplace Attendee
After attending Denise’s workshop I realized the importance of financial health. I never realized that it could defiantly affect my personal life and my work life. Now I can actually do something about it, now I can step out and not have that fear holding me back.
Workshop Attendee
The workshop has given me hope and motivation to get organized.
S. Underhill
Wish I knew this 20 years ago, GREAT JOB!
Workshop Attendee
It was very enlightening. I have a much clearer idea of how to balance out my spending and budgeting.
Workshop Attendee
Pearls of wisdom! Insightful information and energetic presentation. I would have liked a longer session. I found the information very useful.
Melinda C.
Absolutely wonderful…very engaging.
A. Diaz
Excellent, relevant, easy to “get it”.
R. Rolnick