High School Testimonials

High School Students

Thank you for investing in our generation. Thank you for believing in us and what we are capable of! It means a lot to me :)
Thank you KHSD Wells Fargo and United Way! :) Denise’s information was amazing! You’re doing a good thing investing in this program :)
I learned more today than I ever learned in a semester of econ…PS watch extreme couponing on TLCV!
High School Student
Your instructions, suggestions and message in general had a strong impact upon the way I think about my future finances. Effective message. Thank you.
I can assure you that I will not let this information go to waste!

High School Faculty

Denise is passionate about the financial wellbeing of our youth and delivers an informative message in a refreshing way. Her passion translated to our students and even opened the eyes of the supervision staff as well.
Mary Alice Finn Activities Director, Arvin High School
Denise’s presentation to over 180 students was met with overwhelming success. Denise has a penchant for making an immediate and positive impact on her audience. Denise’s presentation was worthwhile and timely. I hope she has an opportunity to spread the wealth in your community as well.
David Yanney Principal, McFarland High School