IT’S YOUR MONEY: Avoid Costly Mistakes

IT'S YOUR MONEY: Avoid Costly MistakesIT’S YOUR MONEY covers today’s most important topics:

  • The ins and outs of saving, budgeting, and investing
  • Strategies to help you spend less and get more
  • Red flags to look for in loan documents and credit card offers
  • Protecting your credit and improving your score
  • Getting financially organized and using technology
  • You’re in debt-now what?
  • Avoiding the most common pitfalls of scams, fraud, and identify theft
  • And much more!

Regardless of your experience with money, you can always benefit from new ideas and skills that will help you avoid costly mistakes while you increase your earnings and savings. After all, it’s YOUR money-YOU get to decide what to do with it.
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MONEY Start Here – Raising Financially Smart Children

The DVD & Workbook For Parents

Raising Financially Smart Children Book Cover

To all you parents out there (just like me!)… how would you like to give your kids a gift that will keep on giving the rest of their lives?

One that is not only going to save them heartbreaks and problems, but you as well?

Well then, my “MONEY Start Here – Raising Financially Smart Children” DVD is just what you need!

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This information-packed presentation is going to help you help your children understand, use and manage money far better than anything else you’re going to find in the bookshops or on the web.

The DVD and workbook are filled with fun activities for you and your child (ages 5-18) – building a solid financial foundation that will last them a lifetime. It’s never too early or late to start building their financial foundation.

The sad truth is this: Kids today have little clue about the value of money– or effectively using it in day to day life. The reason? They’ve simply never been taught. This is truly a puzzle, because schools seem to stress every other sort of program, except the one that’s going to be with them every day of their lives: Managing Money!

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Money Start Here – Your Fast Track To Getting The Best Job And Dealing With Money For The Rest Of Your Life!

The DVD Series For Teens & Young Adults

Money Start Here for Teens and Young Adults Book Cover

Are you the parent of a teen? Then you know, it’s not easy trying to instill new habits in them. In fact, as I found out – at times it’s darned near impossible. Kids at this junction just don’t listen to a parent’s advice. It’s all part of growing up.

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But if they hear something from someone outside their “authority danger zone” it’s far more likely they’ll sit up, pay attention and act on good advice. That’s where I come in. Young adults can relate to my living on my own at 16, and my story allows me to connect quickly and easily with them on a one to one level.

When you’re young, the whole world seems filled with limitless possibilities. But one thing I can promise you – the years will continue to pass. The good habits your kids establish now will help fast-track them to financial success. It’s easy for them to avoid many of the common mistakes people make about money – if you can just have them learn some simple tools. And you can!

Broken down into “Work” and “Money,” think of this DVD Series For Teens & Young Adults as advice from one of your children’s older and most trusted friends. The truth they hear may be a bit uncomfortable, but the consequences of poor work & financial decisions… well, they can be downright devastating.

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